I am the resurrection

Well, what started out as some flippant banter has turned into an all-out, full on, monumental plan to bring Marvel back together to mark the 20th anniversary of the band's inception.

It's been 15 years since Marvel last played - was it the White Hart in Melton - before going our separate ways.

Jacko went off to do pretty well as front man for The Holloways. Jim galavanted across Europe and now teaches. Ben got a degree and a decent job which takes him around the world. Lloyd left Marvel in 1999 and later formed another quality Melton band, The Rise, before taking up the reins in the family business. Matt glided up the ranks at a major corporation where he is now Gregg Wallace's best mate. Vark was a lowly hack in England, Scotland and America and now works as a spin doctor.

But the lure of getting Marvel back together has brought everyone back to take to play one more time next year.

We're still working on a date and a venue, but we can't wait to get back on stage and will keep everyone updated. Watch this space!

Love from Marvel x

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