Where have all the good times gone?

With pubs under huge pressure to break even, let alone make a profit I guess it makes good business sense to put entertainment on in the form of versions of songs that every one knows.

But as a local band writing and performing your own material how do you get yourself known anymore ?

Pubs like The Noels Arms and Generous Britain are really the only places left in Melton Mowbray that are still well known for live music. The Noels in particular doing a sterling job across the weekend - but again (and this isn't a criticism of the venue) where are all the original local bands ?

In the mid 90s there really was a thriving local scene of bands that played original material.

Ourselves, The Rise and Malarkey just three of many who regularly played locally, nationally and developed a very decent following with both their live output and recorded material. But where have all those popular local venues gone ?

  • Working Men's Club - now a Premier Inn

  • The Roadhouse - now rarely open with the exception of a few private parties

  • The White Hart - doesn't do bands

  • The Crafty Fox - now the Melton Mowbray Building Society office ...

... and the list goes on. This isn't just an issue in Melton. Probably one of the most famous venues in the East Midlands, The Princess Charlotte in Leicester, where we played numerous times now doesn't exist as a live music venue. It's just a bar. How can an iconic venue that hosted a multitude of popular world famous bands be allowed to slip into obscurity as a venue ?

I guess music is consumed in such a different way today compared to a few years ago. We live in a disposable world where everything is consumed at the click of a button, streamed or downloaded for free or a nominal figure and then you move on to something else as quickly as it took to download that song or album. No wonder there's hardly any record shops anymore.

Mass market consumers have no interest in waiting for a new release from their favourite band, saving up for the single or album and then that excitement on release day when you'd head to your local record shop (Pendulum for me) and hold that physical release in your hands before rushing home to play it.

All of us in Marvel love live music. Both listening to it and playing it. We can't wait for October whether we play to 4 people or 400. You never know there might even be a cheeky physical release for you to get your paws on too.

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