You never forget your first love...

What can I say?

Somehow we're older. Older than we ever thought we'd be. Or at least a lot older, a lot quicker.

Marvel was the dream seed for me. It was something we planted and watered and soaked with the sound of our sunshine.

I thought Marvel would go huge. We could have done with guidance and time. There was talent in the camp.

Now we're back together again.

In the 20 years that have flown much has happened. For me personally I have achieved some pretty good things in music - but I'm still as committed and as passionate as ever about music and about making songs that can touch the world.

To be back with Marvel is beyond special though. The banter and dynamics within the band was always special.

There is also a musicianship and tightness and understanding of each other's sound that is rooted deep in us and when we play it is easy to get the Marvel vibes and sounds pumping.

The joy on the faces of everyone in the room when we rehearse is so special and I can't wait to see the faces of the crowd at the Tavern when we play the best gig we've ever done.

Marvel are ace. Bring it on.

Love from Jacko x

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